Vault Part 1- Starting Up Vault

Goal: This post aims to get a dev mode Vault up and running on your local as part of a series of posts starting from here.

What we need

  • Some sort of command prompt/bash/shell/stone tablets to run vault commands

Before getting to the fancy engines and other things, we need to get Vault running first if we don’t have access to one already.

image source here

Installing Vault

that’s it

Starting up Vault

Vault has two modes, Dev and Prod. As with other tech of similar sorts, dev mode (the one we want) has less security and also no volumes so all secrets are going to be in memory which will be lost at restart.

Typing help on the vault server command brings up some more insight.

vault server --help
unsealed? noice (we will get to why)

lets get the dev mode running;

vault server -dev

if you get access denied like below, run your cli as admin.

what we should be getting

Comes with a nifty warning as well. We also should get the VAULT_ADDR env var set while we are at it. Also let’s save the unseal key and the root token for later.

thanks, Vault

Now that’s about it with installation of Vault. Let’s check out the UI from http://localhost:8200/

ui login

We need to use the root token shown previously to proceed.

that was quick

We should also try to use the cli as well as much as we can to get used to it since UIs can be finicky. I’m sure many Git/Linux admins and users are in agreement.

Anyways we will use the status command to check how the Vault dev mode we started is doing.

vault status check

typing vault status, we get the following;

all seems fine

If you get an error like below, notice that it’s trying to go to an https site but we exposed Vault API from http while starting via dev mode so double check you VAULT_ADDR env that we set previously is correct.

missing VAULT_ADDR

That’s all for this story. Thanks for reading and see you next time.



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