Creating a local CI/CD pipeline from nothing

This is going to be a long and continuously updated story and a long overdue one.

I often ask myself why I haven’t yet experimented with the tech I use. There is no answer other than procrastination. So lets dive right in.


So, somethings have gone naturally and I can’t yet overcome some obstacles.

  • Calico is a nightmare to setup. There is something wrong with its autodetection and even if correct adaptor is given, we get no internet access for some reason. Pods cant reach core-dns service ip. I’ve setup a cluster for calico about 15 times I think. Flannel works immediately so there’s something else calico needs. After Rancher, I will check again.
  • Jenkins slaves and I do not get along. Slaves are automatically created on demand, everything is great but unless I reinstall gradle and maven to the slaves at launch of pipeline we get nothing. I created (and used, I double checked) modified slave image with both gradle and maven but it says no to both. I downloaded someone elses images from docker hub and I can see maven in the images but when launched from Jenkins, it’s a no. I’m not going to go through the hassle of creating a static node just for my test builds so master builds it is for now.
  • We need an external or NFS client like storage solution. Hostpath PVs are going to be a problem.
  • So If we have Jenkins running on a k8s pod we cant use Docker build even if we install which sucks. I’m don’t see much point of using Jenkins on k8s.



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